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Attackers are constantly looking for different ways to enter in organizations networks through phishing and other modes of social engineering. 

Email is an integral part of any organization’s mode of communication and is an easy path to infiltrate for attackers. Email can be sent from trusted sources and may not be legitimate.  If end users can’t identify the forged email from the real one, they are likely to act on it and might grant access to attackers.

The solution to this is to stop imposters from sending emails impersonating your brand and trying to extract financial information, passwords and other sensitive information for their personal gain.

Implementing DMARC can be a solution for protecting your brand and sensitive information by preventing malicious actors from impersonating your domain in emails. 

DMARC( Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an open email standard published in 2012 by the industry consortium to enable domain-level protection of the email channel. It works in conjunction with more well-known email standards SPF and DKIM, and is the only way for email senders to tell email receivers that emails they are sending are truly from them.

DMARC adds trust that the “header from” accurately matches the sender’s domain. By analyzing DMARC reports, you can get an insight into senders list who are sending mail from your domain to identify potential issues

Implementing DMARC promotes an industry standard of dealing with unauthenticated emails, which ultimately helps to protect all email users from spoofed malicious emails.

DMARC+ is a DMARC solutions that focuses on monitoring, analyzing and mitigation the risk. With our user friendly software you can get an insight about the mails that are sent from your domain and help you identify potential issues. 

DMARC+ assists organizations to manage and ease their DMARC deployment. DMARC+ provides transparency and governance in your email domain.


  1. UI Friendly client portal
  2. SPF and DMARC generation
  3. In depth analysis and reports
  4. Alerts and Notifications
  5. 24*7 Assistance
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