TIKAJ is a cyber security consulting, compliance, professional, training services and IT Company with 24x7x365 SOC in India. Through it’s Managed Security Operating Centre and Security As A Service, TIKAJ helps in mitigating cyber threats. TIKAJ SOC is an outsourced Security Operations Centre-as-a-service as well as Software Support and Maintenance Service, providing businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an in-house SOC/SSM.


TIKAJ offers highly reliable Security testing services to clients, identifying potential vulnerabilities in their applications or products and safeguarding critical data and business logic in these applications.

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Anti Phishing

TIKAJ provides end-to-end Anti-Phishing services, from monitoring & detection of phishing incidents, through to the site take-down incident response and takedown of an incident. 

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Bots Monitoring

TIKAJ’s threat intelligence provides an unique combination of threat feeds, intelligence and operation intelligence to monitor various platforms to take proactive measures rather than reactive measures

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Mobile App Monitoring

TIKAJ scans a wide range of third party application stores for all available platforms and automatically detects any mirroring and suspicious application, analyzes the
source code and compares with the legit mobile application to find any degree of discrepancies.

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Domain Name Monitoring​

TIKAJ’s Domain Name Monitoring service uses in house build online monitoring platform to look for registrations that match your trademark which include close matches and typosquatting.
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Malware Monitoring

TIKAJ investigation technology utilizes non-signature investigation approaches, which are based on content emulation and penetration testing. 

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